kōura KiwiSaver launches today in crowded KiwiSaver space

8 October 2019

Radio New Zealand speaks to KiwiSaver newcomer, kōura, to understand the edge that kōura brings to the market.

Startup KiwiSaver provider, Kōura Wealth will use robo advice to guide savers into a plan that suits them best beyond the stock standard categories of conservative through to aggressive funds.

kōura launches today using artificial intelligence and is working with Hobson Wealth as well as the international fund manager BlackRock to offer a more personalised service to customers.  kōura founder and managing director, Rupert Carlyon, says its online platform is simple to use and can help savers select a portfolio that best manages their risk appetite.

“kōura has 6 different investment funds and we have 200 permutation of how we can put those funds together. The reality is I have different objectives and a different risk appetite to you and as I get older next year my objectives and risk appetite and my profile changes. So every single person has something slightly different about them and what we are trying to do is match those differentiators together to create a perfect portfolio for that person.”

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The kōura difference
Is your KiwiSaver slacking off? Probably. At kōura we ask you a simple set of questions to understand your goals and assess you risk appetite and then generate a portfolio that's entirely personalised for you. Our calculators allow you to see just how much you will have in your KiwiSaver based on what you're saving now and will even give you a weekly retirement income prediction.  This enables you to get a realistic picture of much you can rely of your KiwiSaver for your retirement and what levers you can pull to give you the retirement you want. Give kōura a try now and see what your retirement will look like.

Generate my kōura Portfolio

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