Your personal instincts could pose the biggest danger to ...

Do we listen to our natural instincts or do we have the confidence to stick to a long-term plan?


The rising tide of Digital Advice: How New Zealand compares ...

Digital Advice has taken off overseas but is a relatively new concept in New Zealand.


Five Evergreen Finance Books to Binge Read in 2020

Looking to improve your financial pow-wow in 2020? This reading list of evergreen finance books is for you.


2019 Podcast Roundup

Check out some of our favourite finance and economics podcasts (yes, they really do exist)


The value of advice - an external perspective

A common piece of feedback we receive at kōura is why do I need advice and what is the value of advice.


Your nest or your nest egg, what comes first?

Deciding between paying the mortgage or building your retirement nest egg is tough - what do you prioritise & how?


NZ's Zero Carbon Bill and what it means for your KiwiSaver

Its about time we all start acting on climate change. How can our KiwiSaver investments play a role in this fight?


Digital advice and how it helps your retirement

Digital advice may seem impersonal but it's not. It can play a big role in helping us invest for our retirement.


Passive Investing: Your Questions Answered

What's the difference between active and passive investing? Here's why passive is better, especially for KiwiSaver?


An open letter to New Zealand’s active fund managers

We are also surprised that passive vs active investing is still a debate!


How much money do I really need to retire

What’s the magic figure you need for a wonderful retirement? Like everything in finance, the answer is 'It Depends'.


Choosing the KiwiSaver fund that’s right for you

How do you choose the KiwiSaver fund that's right for you? Check out our basic guide.

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