What does Coronavirus mean for my KiwiSaver


Coronavirus and your KiwiSaver

What is Coronavirus, why is the market crashing and how will this impact your KiwiSaver?


Chasing KiwiSaver performance is a bad idea

A common disclaimer you will find in finance is “past performance is no indication of future performance.” 


Understanding the types of KiwiSaver funds

Choosing the type of fund your KiwiSaver is invested in will be a critical decision you take for your retirement.


The value of advice - an external perspective

A common piece of feedback we receive at kōura is why do I need advice and what is the value of advice.


Your nest or your nest egg, what comes first?

Deciding between paying the mortgage or building your retirement nest egg is tough - what do you prioritise & how?


NZ's Zero Carbon Bill and what it means for your KiwiSaver

Its about time we all start acting on climate change. How can our KiwiSaver investments play a role in this fight?


What should you do with your KiwiSaver in a market downturn

Predictions of financial markets doom are everywhere you look. What does this mean for your KiwiSaver?


Hundreds and Thousands Better Off - Your guide to KiwiSaver

Buying a house and saving for your retirement are two financial decisions you need to think hard about and get right.


What Does Risk Really Mean When KiwiSaving

What's your risk appetite? How do you make the right choice and how will it impact your KiwiSaver?


Fixing your KiwiSaver contribution - things to consider

It's hard deciding how much you should contribute to your KiwiSaver - here are some things to consider.


How much money do I really need to retire

What’s the magic figure you need for a wonderful retirement? Like everything in finance, the answer is 'It Depends'.


Choosing the KiwiSaver fund that’s right for you

How do you choose the KiwiSaver fund that's right for you? Check out our basic guide.

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